Design & Strategy for Research Proposals

We transform research into captivating KeyVisuals using design and strategy. By developing the Perfect Pitch, we help research teams to secure millions in funding to sustain their projects.

Does this sound familiar?

You submit your proposal, but ...

the funders often are not from the same field as you.

among hundreds of applications, your submission is often overlooked.

your research is highly complex and requires a lot of explanation.

great research does not always receive the highest attention.

... which leads to ...

it takes many attempts to get an acceptance for the pitch,


it doesn’t even come to the pitch,

your research project does not receive funding.

During the last 15 years on the market, we noticed a hidden reason for this, which one of our customers describes as follows:

"Scientists are very visually oriented. We always look at the images first before we explore the rest of a publication."

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Bastian E. Rapp
Full Professor, Chair, Laboratory of Process Technology | NeptunLab

You might have already sensed this: the success of a proposal is frequently less about the strength of its data or quality, and more about visibility.

This insight opens a crucial door to enhancing the success of your funding:

Make your proposal stand out and memorable – with KeyVisuals.​

Our approach:

Convey complex content visually in a nutshell

Create a professional impression & visibility

Build a communicative
bridge to financiers

Your outcomes:

Significantly enhance
the chances of funding

Transform your research into a memorable brand

Achieve more recognition &
economic options

Whom we help

Research Groups, Excellency Clusters, Research Institutes

Are you leading an ambitious research group or are part of an innovative cluster of excellence or research institute?

Have you developed a promising research project and know what it takes for a successful proposal?

Yet, are you struggling to structure your content professionally, craft compelling pitches, and develop effective communication strategies to make your research stand out?

Then let’s talk.

Startups & Innovation Leaders in Pharma & MedTech

Are you at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical or medical industry, or steering the marketing communications of your startup?

Creating new strategies is your everyday task, but consistently crafting persuasive pitches for stakeholders is a challenge.

We excel in presenting your projects optimally. Let us turn your ideas into captivating success stories that engage stakeholders.

Begin your journey to success with us.

What our customers value and what they appreciate about our collaboration:

Dr. Esther März

Learning & Development @ ASMPT SMT Solutions

Daniel’s team has been responsible for the design and production of educational content and videos in various corporate projects of mine. From clarifying the brief to completion, I have found the collaboration to be very constructive, and the results have delighted stakeholders and the target audience. Besides the consultancy, what stood out were their attention to detail and consistency, as well as their extensive knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the tools.

Thomas Wehner

Impulse Generator & Digitalization Strategist @ medac GmbH

[…] We are consistently impressed by the ability to ask intelligent and targeted questions, enabling Daniel’s team to understand the deepest requirements of our users. They don’t give up until the actual needs are clearly understood, leading to tailored solutions that exceed our users‘ expectations. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with such talented, dedicated, and experienced colleagues.

Process & Strategy

The preparation of scientific content for presentations involves more than just design. Our process begins with a detailed analysis and continues with ongoing support and reviews to help you successfully present your research.


We get to know you and your research project and thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your material. Only when we have understood not just the abstract but the entire project do we begin the conceptualization.


We develop the design style, layouts, and a strategy for communicating your proposal. At the end, there is a concept that reflects your research in high quality and tells a compelling story.


The visual strategy is implemented. In line with the vision developed together during the conceptualization phase, we design covers, infographics, layouts, 3D animations, explainer videos, a website, or similar elements.


After the proposal phase, we prepare you for your „Perfect Pitch“ by reviewing the dramaturgy and chronology of the pitch with you, as well as designing and providing innovative presentation concepts.


To ensure successful collaboration, we become experts and partners for your visions and concepts throughout the process. With this background, we can provide long-term support and guidance to you

The team behind ResearchGFX

With a powerful combination of creative vision, strategic planning, and technical expertise, we make the difference for you. Our team of designers, strategists, and specialists combines deep knowledge with innovative solutions to successfully present your research projects.

Daniel Hellweg
Strategist & Consultant

Eduard Sterzer
3D-Design & Concept

Tobias Tauscher

David Hanek
Animation & Video

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